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Ayokunle Falomo is: a Nigerian, a poet who uses his pen as a shovel to unearth those things that make us human, a TEDx speaker, an American, and the author of kin.DREAD & of thread, this wordweaver must! He and his work have been featured a number of publications in print (Local Houston magazine, Glass Mountain) and online (The New York Times, Houston Chronicle, Hive Society, Squawk Back, Pressure Gauge Press). His work has also led to venues and stages around & outside of Texas. He enjoys walking & talking to himself (a lot) and sometimes, he is fortunate enough to have other people there to listen.

You can find more information about him at www.about.me/AFalomo.



(to & about me)

You have a fine, strong, eloquent & unique voice, Ayokunle; keep writing, keep standing up proud & lifting your voice, sharing those words out loud…Keep using your voice - speaking up & out - the world needs to hear your story!
— Denise Lanier
Some writers endure the world’s roughness and turn callous. This is one way to survive, though they give up the virtue of yielding to life’s delicate forces, which are the most essential. Ayokunle Falomo’s poetry knows the bruises, scrapes, and scars, but it refuses to be hardened or numbed. Here we find an uncommon voice—undaunted but vulnerable, generous but in need as well. Falomo utters the vigor of our frailty.
— - Peter B. Hyland
I attended the TEDx conference in Houston this past Saturday. I was so moved by your poem…You have an amazing talent for writing and also an amazing ability to deliver poetry. Please don’t stop. The world needs more people like you.
— Margaret Garcia
We really enjoyed your performance. It was very moving and impactful — my favorite moment was when you wove the wordplay of soil and soul into the origins and birthplace of humanity…Keep making the world a better — and more poetic — place!
— Grace Rodriguez
This guy here is amazing! He is timeless and classic. His energy continuous. Moving between lifetimes like gentle breezes between leaves. Brief but long enough to create experiences that can’t be duplicated...His presence is still, peaceful and captivating. Draws you in to connect with pulse of existence and rediscover life in moments. This kid is uberDOPE!
— J Albert Nicklos
Overwhelmed by the acid shit rain coming down daily? Ayo will make you believe in people. Think that words are just words and basically useless because everything is fucked? Ayo will prove you wrong. It is essential...that we are fueling ourselves with good food to keep our strength up. Ayokunle Falomo will feed your heart in ways you’ve never been fed before.
— Alicia Jane Roxy Allen