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About "thread, this wordweaver must!"

The author has with this collection of poems woven a tapestry using the threads from our interconnected stories. There are threads of red, of blue, and white, and green, and black that make up this tapestry. As much as we are tempted to remove some, they all belong here. 

here are poems in this collection that prompt us to take specific and urgent actions, especially in regards to how we respond to the threads of different colors from ours; and there are poems that call us to celebration. You are invited to join in to behold the beauty of the tapestry, and if you dare, contribute a thread.



Inspired by the first line of Coldplay's song, A Message (which in turn was inspired by the hymn, My Song Is Love Unknown), "my song is love" is an audio project of love poems by the poet - Ayokunle Falomo.

The audio project starts with"introlude" - a sound bite from his mom about what love is and transitions into Ayokunle's thoughts on what "Love Is..." After presenting "a song in the key of love," inspired by and a tribute to Stevie Wonder's extensive discography, Ayokunle takes a brief moment in "Ayo's Interlude" to muse over a love that does not yet exist. The next two poems that follow his interlude ("aisthēsis" - which stands for general perception with all the senses, as well as the impression that the perceived leaves on the body; and "Butterfly") continue his musings by sharing, though inspired by real interactions, idealistic representations of love.

As the project draws closer to an end, Paul Tripp in "Paul's Interlude" invites the listener to view love not merely from a romantic perspective, which then leads the poet, in "aGAPe," following a beautiful rendition of the hymn - Amazing Grace by Victoria Gbenjo and a piano accompaniment by Brian Rincon, to marvel at and attempt to understand the incomprehensibility of the kind of love Paul describes. The project stops with "stop", while extending an invitation to the listener to do the same, as a way to pay attention to loved ones. As he says in his closing words, "a lot of things happen, even when we STOP."

(C) Released February 14, 2016

Credit: Heart featured on the cover art for the project was designed by Kara Gray for TEDxHouston 2015.